Advantages of Alliance Membership

Advocacy and Representation

The Alliance advocates aggressively and mindfully on behalf of its membership to state and federal regulatory agencies and elected officials to address concerns, issues, and questions regarding current waiver programs and proposed changes. We do not stop until we have the answers.


Expertise and Education

The Alliance provides education and information to members that assist them in navigating and understanding the ever-changing health care delivery system in NYS. Whether its waiver regulations, policy changes, reimbursement issues, or workforce requirements; we analyze and provide information to members in such a way that allows them to take the needed steps to adapt, comply, and succeed.


Information and Publications

The Alliance provides timely information to members via phone conferences and monthly updates. Additionally, we provide email alerts as we are made aware of important information. FAQ’s and other documents are developed and posted in our Members Only website section. These documents provide members easy-to-understand information that may be distributed to their staff. Lastly, we are available via email or phone to assist providers with their specific questions and issues.


Networking and Forums

Regional meetings provide members the opportunity to build a network of support, address concerns, share ideas, and raise awareness regarding region specific issues. The TBI & NHTD provider directory allows agencies to easily reach out to one another.


Savings and Discounts

 Members receive a discounted price for Alliance annual conference, webinars, and other trainings offered.


Requirements and Recommendations to Members

We ask that all members commit to the Alliance’s mission, vision and values and pay annual membership dues to help advance our mission and vision.

Attend and Participate
Participate in local chapter meetings for the opportunity to build a network of support.
Get involved.
Address concerns, issues, and questions regarding current waiver programs.
Get Educated.
Take advantage of training and informational opportunities Alliance has to offer.
Meet Other Members.
Get to know other members. Their collective knowledge and experience are priceless.

Annual Membership Dues

Membership dues are based on an Agency’s Total Operating Budget.
Agency Budget Annual Dues
$10 M and over $1150 per year
$5 M-$9,999,999 $950 per year
$1.5 M-$4,999,999 $700 per year
$700 K-$1,499,999 $500 per year
$300 K-699,999 $250 per year
$299,999 or less $150 per year


Agency Membership Applications

Please download a PDF application from the list below.
Provider Member Application
Associate Member Application
Allied Member Application
Alliance of Waiver Providers By-Laws

The Alliance’s mission is to strengthen, unite, and advocate on behalf of New York State Department of Health’s TBI & NHTD waiver providers to ensure the quality, cost effectiveness, and continuity of the TBI & NHTD waiver programs.